How to plan the perfect elopement for you

Are you dreaming of a romantic elopement with your partner? Eloping is becoming increasingly popular for couples who want to keep their wedding intimate and meaningful. For couples who want to elope, planning your special day can be overwhelming. From hiking to the top of a mountain to getting married on a beach, elopements can be incredibly special and romantic. If you’re looking to plan the perfect elopement, here are some tips to help you make the most of the experience.

1. Choose the Perfect Location

The first step to planning an elopement is choosing a location that speaks to you and your partner. Whether it’s a beach, a mountain, a lake, or an exotic destination, try to find a spot that has special meaning to the both of you. Maybe this is your favorite getaway location, or a place you had some of your favorite memories together at, or a destination that is completely new to both of you. A grand adventure doesn’t have to be just for the honeymoon! Have the most epic ceremony in the place of your dreams as well as a day filled with fun. 

While it’s important to consider the scenery and beauty of the place where you will tie the knot, you should also think about the activities available in the area. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, exploring, or simply walking the beach, make sure you choose a destination that offers plenty of fun activities to do.

2. Put Together a Creative Outfit

When eloping, you won’t have to worry about all the stress and anxiety that usually comes with finding the perfect wedding dress. To make the experience even more special, put together a creative outfit that reflects your personality and your style. Your dress doesn’t have to be white, or even a dress at all! Rock a sweet jumpsuit or your favorite pair of jeans and that strapless top you’ve been waiting to wear for the right occasion. 

3. Invite a Small Group of Close Friends and Family (or don’t!)

Elopements can be incredibly intimate, with many of them involving just the bride and groom. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you’d like your loved ones to be by your side. You don’t have to invite everyone you know. Invite your closest friends and family to join you in celebrating your union. Or if you would prefer to exchange vows with no one else around, invite your family to be a part of the legal ceremony and then exchange your hand written, heartfelt vows afterwards. 

4. Set Up Fun Activities

Elopements don’t have to be all about the wedding ceremony! Set up fun activities for the day that you and your guests can enjoy. Whether it’s kayaking, hiking, or just enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors, make sure you make time for fun. Consider renting a boat and going for a sunset cruise, sipping daiquiris on the beach, flying around in a helicopter to a reclusive spot that no one else will be at, or exploring the local area to some secret waterfalls or hidden coves. The possibilities are endless, so do what makes your soul feel alive!

5. Document Your Day with Photos

Next, make sure you have a plan for capturing the memories of your elopement. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in elopements to make sure you get the best pictures of your special day. No only will you want to look back on the photos and remember the moment when you said “I do”, but so will the generations to come. One of our favorite ways to bond with our grandparents is to go through their old photo albums. “A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t just a figure of speech. Photos are the best way to let other people feel the way you felt on the greatest adventure of your lives. 

This is especially important for being able to share the memories of your epic elopement with those who were not physically present. Wether you intentionally kept the day private for just you two, or your loved ones weren’t able to make it, this way they can feel like they were there with you. 

  1. Finally, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.  
  2. Make sure to get a marriage license and hire a wedding officiant. Depending on where you elope, you may need to notify the local government of your elopement. We offer officiating services and can provide the service to legalize your marriage in most states. Some couples choose to go the route of doing the legal ceremony at their local courthouse, and doing their personalized, hand crafted ceremony on their actual elopement day. There are no right or wrong answers! 

Planning an elopement is a wonderful way to start your marriage. Make sure you plan a special day that you and your partner will never forget. With the right planning, your elopement can be a day full of fun activities, beautiful locations, and you can make sure that your elopement is one of your most treasured memories.

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February 28, 2023

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